Branches of a copper tree


The story so far….
Dreaming Benu of the Endless Autumns led the equivalent of a normal Sidereal life. Apart from a few complications, like being in love with a married woman, working for a part of the Bureau of Seasons that noone has any idea what is does, and aparently working on his own, his life is as expected.
After a failure on a mundane task, he took a new job, a simple assassination mission. The target was Mirus, a Dragonblooded sponsor in the Nexus Arena.

Ragnar wakes up with no memory of his surroundings. Freki, his trusted companion is by his side, but suffers from the same amnesia. They soon realise they are no longer in the icy wastelands of the North, and instead they are in a filthy cave somewhere north of Nexus. Making their way towards the filthy metropolis, they meet a young woman in tight clothing, that informs him that his troops are gathering and she will meet him in Nexus when it is safer.

This story finds Gilber hiding from the heavy rain in a tavern. He has traveled a lot lately, and the warm meal is more than welcome. However, a group of thugs was hired, apparently by Kralos, Son of Xian, to kill him. After making short work of them, he continues his journey towards Nexus, where Kralos is apparently hiding.
On his way, Gilber meets up with Ragnar and Freki, and they travel the remaining distance together.

Radamant spent much of his time latelly nurturing the blooming community of Jaffai. All was peaceful, until one day Archatlos, his old mentor and friend, approaches him with a request to take the young Tjon as his student. Grudgingly, Radamant accept, and after a quick visit from Elaya, he is on his way to Nexus to meet his young charge.

And thus, all four are heading towards Nexus, each with a different agenda, having no idea what fate had in store for them.


Lord Aini Faithbringer

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