Elaya Dyn

Elaya Dyn is a Changing Moon. She is pleasant and friendly, outgoing but prone to violent emotional outbursts. She is a bit over a century old, but she still looks in her early twenties, when she exalted.

She doesn’t like to talk about her past, but a few facts are known about her:
She is from Celeren, but she left as soon as she received her Exaltation. Archatlos was the one to take her in to be tattooed, and she remained with him for the better part of a century. She has been targeted by the Wyld Hunt, and she fled to the Wyld for a lot of years. Recently she decided to help a number of barbarian villages evolve and create a working society with signs of success.
She is good with the bow, but she doesn’t like fighting. She prefers working around her problems instead of facing them.

Her spirit shape is a deep brown Falcon, but she has a number of other forms, almost exclusively small animals.

She is the Lunar Mate of Gilber, and her first age name was Deynna.

Elaya Dyn

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