Archatlos "Silk"

Archatlos is a No Moon of great status. He has been around for more than 5 centuries, and he has always helped new members of the pack stand on their feet. He is a very serious-looking man in his late thirties, but close friends find that he sports a dark sense of humour. He is a valuable friend to all his former students, if a bit absent in their lives.

He travels a lot, searching for newly Exalted, but he never cared much for sponsoring a human group anyway. He is a very capable sorcerer and martial artist, and he is very knowledgable, teaching his wards all they need to know before they strike out on their own.

He has several children, a few of them Half-Castes, that he helps when they need him, but he requires the same of them.

His Spirit Shape is a Giant Spider. He has many more shapes that he has gathered throughout the ages. He also has a very powerful Beastman form, that he is quite famous for.

Archatlos "Silk"

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