Branches of a copper tree

The Lapse, pt2
5th Session

Benu tried to gain control of the Ronin’s manse via bureaucratic methods, and succeeded, realising in the process that his allies have some pull in Yu-Shan.
Then, sirens echoed in the city of the Gods, and the Fivescore fellowship gathered for a meeting. Then, they learned that the Sword of Creation was used against the city of Thorns.
In the meantime, Gilber persuaded his father, Brom, to give him the names and addresses so he can gather his brothers and sisters.
Back in his castle, Ragnar was visited by a small force from the Realm, demanding to be allowed to rest there. After a talk with their leader, Ragnar showed him that he is a Solar, and the two fought. Ragnar was hurt, but alive, although the Dragonblooded with their army left the castle without a fight.
Then, all of the sudden, all three of them had a flashback of the days they had no memory of.

The three left the house were they had met the Deathlord Thousand-Faced Gospel in the Cenotaph, and they met Leyuam, a Dawn Caste Solar exalted. After she took care of the hungry ghosts, they started talking, only to be interupted by the coming of 5 strange people, that showed the powers of Exalts, only with strange castemarks, that none recognised.
One of them casted a spell, and the 9 of them (not the mortals accompanying Leyuam Rem) were drifted off to a strange great desert, only to be hurled back at random locations across the Scavenger lands. They each fought one of the strange Exalted, but all three managed to escape before the Sidereal and the Solars had any chance of knowing more stuff about them.

The Lapse, pt1
4th session

Benu wakes up in Yu-Shan. He has no recollection of the time between the appearance of the Solar woman in the magitech armor, but his servant informs him that he has been sleeping for almost a full day. He goes to the Bureau of Seasons to speak with Maiku, and after a talk with him and Black Ice Shadow he learns that the Empress had returned. He realised he had lost all memory of the last three days. Maiku gave him a second asignment in Creation, to find and kill a crazy Ronin Sidereal from taking a powerful artifact.
Shal Narri waited for him on his home that evening, and offered to exchange the true identity of Mika, with his promise that he will never disturb his wife ever again. Benu denied, and the infuriated Shal left.
He then met up with Hunai, and told her all about the Deathlord Thousand-Faced Gospel in the Cenotaph. She seemed befuddled at his report about the Nephwrack. She insisted on bringing the ronin back alive, in hopes that he could be healed. Later he met Black Ice Shadow, who gave him a small list of possible contacts in the general area of the Scavenger lands.
Benu attended the Convention of Deathlords the next day, before he left to find the ronin. After an exchange of information, he left to Creation.
The ronin was easily found, since Benu knew where the artifact was. He followed him, and after a brief fight, he managed to capture him. However, the insane Sidereal prefered to take his own life.

Ragnar woke up from a nightmare. It appears he had fallen off a cliff, and that he had yet another memory lapse. He slowly made his way up the cliff and towards the nearest village he could see. The locals informed him that he was in Marukan territory, and that the Empress had returned. Ragnar stayed for a day, by the end of which Freki found him and informed him that they had fought a strange opponent that took them through the realm of Malfeas and back.
The duo made their way to Lookshy, but they were attacked by a strange woman on a flying board. The fight escalated, and she left, after Ragnar’s Totemic had flared.
At the gates of Lookshy he was denied entrance, as the city declares its gates barred for Anathema. He instead went to find Gilber in the Great Forks, but he was not there. He decided to get back to the Encampment, where one of the handful of guards that remained redirected him to his castle, two days North.
There, he left Ganuto in his stead for as long as he is gone.

Gilber woke up with the same memory loss on the opposite side of Yanaze river. There, after finding out about the Empress’ return, he made his way to Sijan in search of Nightwarden. During Calibration the ship was attacked by Demons, that Gilber quickly dispatched. As a reward they let him choose a slave for his own, and he chose a 10 year old girl, intending to free her as soon as they where back to Grat Forks. Together with Irana, the girl, they dined in a tavern in Sijan, where the girl apparently a God Blooded pointed out that an evil man was sitting following them. Gilber spoke to the man who turned out to be Chi the Killer, and found out that he had fought and defeated him again during the time of his memory loss. Chi swore to follow and protect Gilber, until he was strong enough to kill him. The unusual trio traveled towards the Great Forks to visit Gilber’s mother, but during the journey he revealed to the Akuma that he is a Solar. Chi attacked him instantly, and Gilber left him alive in the middle of nowhere, not wanting to kill him after learning about his sad story.
In Great forks he spoke to his mother, and was surprised to find out that Kralos, his half-brother, was now living across the street. Kralos reassured that he would not only leave Gilber’s family out of their “feud”, but that in case of a war with the realm he would take Gilber’s mother, Selena, and Irana, to a safe place with his own family.
An unexpected arrival from Brom, Gilber’s father, revealed that Irana too was one of his children, and that she was lost for five years.

Light and Shadow
3d Session

Radamant defends the village with the help of Gilber, Benu, Black Hawk and Tyr against the small force of ghosts that attacked it. They manage to defeat the threat without any loss, and decide to keep vigil for the rest of the night, although nothing happens.
The next morning Ragnar arrives in the small village of Jaffai with his army, and they set camp. Later, they all gather up, save Tyr who left first thing in the morning, to discuss.
Ragnar noticed the same event that had happened before, the symbols of all five Maidens in the sky, aligning then glowing purple before vanishing. He pointed that to the others, before continuing with their discussion.

Radamant seems bent on meeting with the mysterious Deathlord called Thousand-Faced Gospel in the Cenotaph, and Benu, Black Hawk and Freki wants to join him. Hesitatingly, Gilber and Ragnar decide to follow them, realising the grave danger they would all be in.
Two Ghosts, Hecli and the one known as Majordomo, the Deathlord’s entourage, lead them to the shadowland where he would be waiting for them. The group carefuly go in, expecting a trap. Instead, they meet with the Deathlord and have a nice meal and a very civilised talk, at least before 3 of Gospel’s deathknights attack them, surrounding them in the building. After a short but brutal fight the Abyssals flee into the underworld, taking the Mask, gauntlets, boots and Book the Deathlord was carrying, but leaving the body behind. (The “deathlord” was actually a proxy). As Ragnar burned the poor proxy’s remains, hungry ghosts came out of every bone of the man’s body, and the group fled.

Outside, a female figure clad in Orichalcum and followed by a group of Ashigaru armors attacked the ghosts, leaving our heroes dumbfounded.

Paths Unweaving
2nd Session

Ragnar and Gilber make their way to the Lookshy Embasy in Nexus, where they report the excistance of Wyld Hunt cells in the nearby region.
Afterwards, they visit the tavern known as Den of Mutiny, where the worst scumbags of the city make their deals. Also, where the mysterious Kralos could be found. Meanwhile, Benu followed them there, eavesdropping as the two met with Kralos, who, as it turns out, is Gilber’s half-brother.
Kralos declares his intention to kill his half brother, so the Bronze faction will let him elevate to Godhood, but since he cannot harm his Solar sibling himself, he lets them go.

Radamant and his new protegee, Black Hawk, make sure Mirus is ok before going back to Jaffai, to start the Changing Moon’s training. There he is visited by Nightwarden, the Solar who saved his life back in Thorns, now calling for a favour. The three move to a nearby shadowland to speak with a Deathknight, who apparently has a deal with Nightwarden. She, Dreadful Screams of Pyreflame, gives then an invitation from her master, and disappears.
Back at the village, Elaya arrives to inform them that an army of the Dead is on the move through the underworld.
Benu and Radamant talk, and they decide to get all the help they can get. Benu contacts Gilber, telling him mortal lives are at stakes and he should go to help.

Ragnar goes to check out the so called Encampment of his army, and meets with Ganuto and Renat, his right-hand man and the spymistress of his army, as well as 500 men, ready for his commands. They tell him what had happened before he lost his memory, but it is still a mystery why he lost it. He gives them marching orders towards Jaffai.

Radamant tries to ensure Gilber’s help in the defence of Jaffai, when Elaya visits to tell him that the army changed its course, and instead only a small detachment is still moving to Jaffai, the rest moving across the river.
While they talk, she sees Gilber and starts yelling. He catches a glimpse and recognises her, his Lunar Mate, from a past life, as she goes.
Radamant thinks that the Solar wants to steal her from him, and only by the interference of the freshly arived Tyr Silverhand, does he not attack him. Instead, the two duel, stopping when they realise that none can defeat the other without causing serious damage to the village.

Benu notifies Ragnar about the change in the army of the dead’s orders, so he decided to hold his ground and wait them there. Sure enough, at nightfall, an armada appears from the mists of the river, and Shrill Cry for Blood lands on the beach, calling Ragnar to a duel. The two fight, and after a long battle, the Dusk caste retreats, taking his army with him.

The Five, Anew
1st session

The two Solars make their way towards Nexus after helping a villgae put out the fires apparently set by the Wyld Hunt, while searching for Ragnar. The villagers help them by smuggling them accross the river, close to Nexus.
Gilber gains entrance to the city fast, but once the guards see Ragnar, fully clad in Orichalcum, they stall him to notify the counsil of entities. He is allowed entrance, but is advised to stay in the Redeemed Harlot tavern.
Meanwhile, Gilber runs after a child that tried to steal his wallet, only to realise that he fell into a trap. A man by the name of Chi, the Killer, hired by Kralos, attacked him, but after a quick and brutal fight fell unconcious. Gilber, seriously wounded, let him there, not wanting to draw attention on himself, and searched for Ragnar, now knowing where to find Kralos.
As soon as Ragnar was in the city, he noticed the mysterious woman that had approached him before. She informed him that a wing of his army was already on the move from Denandsor towards his main camp, where the rest of the army was setting up base. She also let imply that she was hunted by Realm agents, and left him as soon as Gilber approached. The two of them made their way towards the inn.

In another part of town, Radamant visited his good friend Mirus, before going to meet Black Hawk, the two of them went to meet the boy, where Radamant decided to have some fun at the kid’s expense. The three of them went out for a fun night in the never-sleeping metropolis before the two Lunars left.
In the meantime, Benu had asumed the guise of a waiter in the tavern Mirus was scheduled to die in. There, a man came, looking for Mirus, possibly with the intention of killing him.
The two Lunars and the Dragonblooded went out drinking in the Green Wagon Inn after a fancy dinner (during which Radamant was blackmailed by his friend into adopting the same female form he had used to play a prank on Black Hawk), but ended up in a fight with the man who Mirus now appears to owe money to. Benu took advantage of the situation and stabbed the innebriated Mirus, but Radamant managed to snatch him and leave.
For a brief moment, as Radamant and Benu met outside the tavern, the sky was alit with purple fire and the symbols of the Five Maidens aligned, much like when Gilber met Ragnar for the first time.
Benu, after his failure, left the tavern asap, only to be stopped by Wayang. Wayang informed him that his mission was not a total failure, and gave him new orders to keep his eyes on the Lunars as well as two Solars (Gilber and Ragnar) that were staying in the area.
Without him knowing, Radamant had followed the Sidereal, and encountered him on a terrace. Benu told him he would meet him two days hence, and dissappeared, leaving a much befuddled Lunar behind him.


The story so far….
Dreaming Benu of the Endless Autumns led the equivalent of a normal Sidereal life. Apart from a few complications, like being in love with a married woman, working for a part of the Bureau of Seasons that noone has any idea what is does, and aparently working on his own, his life is as expected.
After a failure on a mundane task, he took a new job, a simple assassination mission. The target was Mirus, a Dragonblooded sponsor in the Nexus Arena.

Ragnar wakes up with no memory of his surroundings. Freki, his trusted companion is by his side, but suffers from the same amnesia. They soon realise they are no longer in the icy wastelands of the North, and instead they are in a filthy cave somewhere north of Nexus. Making their way towards the filthy metropolis, they meet a young woman in tight clothing, that informs him that his troops are gathering and she will meet him in Nexus when it is safer.

This story finds Gilber hiding from the heavy rain in a tavern. He has traveled a lot lately, and the warm meal is more than welcome. However, a group of thugs was hired, apparently by Kralos, Son of Xian, to kill him. After making short work of them, he continues his journey towards Nexus, where Kralos is apparently hiding.
On his way, Gilber meets up with Ragnar and Freki, and they travel the remaining distance together.

Radamant spent much of his time latelly nurturing the blooming community of Jaffai. All was peaceful, until one day Archatlos, his old mentor and friend, approaches him with a request to take the young Tjon as his student. Grudgingly, Radamant accept, and after a quick visit from Elaya, he is on his way to Nexus to meet his young charge.

And thus, all four are heading towards Nexus, each with a different agenda, having no idea what fate had in store for them.


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