Tsujigiri, The Crossroad Blade

Reaper Daiklave

weapon (melee)

Whoever is attuned with the sword gains two intimacies (murder, perfection). He is also victim of an unnatural mental influence to keep that sword, costing 1 willpower points to resist for each point of Melee and each melee specialty he possesses, that he must spend at once. As long as he is under the unnatural mental influence he cannot de-commit those motes, even if a charm or other effect forces him to. If he ever raises his Melee score to 6, and has three melee specialties, he is no longer a victim to the Swords influence, and the two intimacies are gone.
The sword also has a taste for mortal skin, granting an additional 3 damage to unarmored opponents.

Speed:3 Accuracy:5 Damage:5L/8L Defense:0 Rate:3 Minimums:Str•• Attune:6 Cost:•• Tags:-
*Second stat is versus unarmored opponents.
Magical material Bonuses for Jade already included.


Made out of Black Jade, this curved, guardless Reaper Daiklave was forged during the Shogunate era for Rainan The Dreamer, the Dragon-Blooded servant of one of the Daimyos of what now is the Scavenger Lands. Legend has it that the smith who forged this blade was asked to bind in it the ghost of Rainan’s father, who was an excellent swordsman, if somehow ruthless. The blackened blade that resulted had veins that’s impossible to discern under normal circumstances. However, once the blade tastes blood, these veins appear throughout the blade, lit with an unearthly black glow.
The blade itself is a smooth, slightly curved 4-foot sword, with a long white hilt, that allows for two handed grip. No blood ever stains it, as it seemingly is absorbed into it. Those that hold the sword and attuned to it feel a warmth and a craving that they cannot satisfy no matter how much they eat.
The same thing felt Rainan as he held it, but he knew what he had to do. In order for the craving to stop, he had to top his father’s ability with the sword. So he tested new techniques and new moves. In times of war he was like a black sparrow, flying between enemies, killing and maiming hundreds.
In times of peace, he waited, hidden, in crossroads for a hapless victim to pass, then killed them, each time trying to perfect his technique. Thus the sword earned its name “The Crossroad Blade”.
It took him almost a century to break free of the craving, but to his bad luck, the son of the Daimyo he was serving (now the Daimyo, after his father’s death) disapproved of his servant’s methods, and had him killed. Rainan prefered to take his own life, attoning for all those murders.
The blade was lost; occasionaly it would appear as a gift, or as something a villager found and sold for food. The story was always the same though. Whoever laid a hand on that sword would not part it until he could match Dayranu’s skill.

Tsujigiri, The Crossroad Blade

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