Branches of a copper tree

The Lapse, pt2

5th Session

Benu tried to gain control of the Ronin’s manse via bureaucratic methods, and succeeded, realising in the process that his allies have some pull in Yu-Shan.
Then, sirens echoed in the city of the Gods, and the Fivescore fellowship gathered for a meeting. Then, they learned that the Sword of Creation was used against the city of Thorns.
In the meantime, Gilber persuaded his father, Brom, to give him the names and addresses so he can gather his brothers and sisters.
Back in his castle, Ragnar was visited by a small force from the Realm, demanding to be allowed to rest there. After a talk with their leader, Ragnar showed him that he is a Solar, and the two fought. Ragnar was hurt, but alive, although the Dragonblooded with their army left the castle without a fight.
Then, all of the sudden, all three of them had a flashback of the days they had no memory of.

The three left the house were they had met the Deathlord Thousand-Faced Gospel in the Cenotaph, and they met Leyuam, a Dawn Caste Solar exalted. After she took care of the hungry ghosts, they started talking, only to be interupted by the coming of 5 strange people, that showed the powers of Exalts, only with strange castemarks, that none recognised.
One of them casted a spell, and the 9 of them (not the mortals accompanying Leyuam Rem) were drifted off to a strange great desert, only to be hurled back at random locations across the Scavenger lands. They each fought one of the strange Exalted, but all three managed to escape before the Sidereal and the Solars had any chance of knowing more stuff about them.


Lord Aini Faithbringer

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