Branches of a copper tree

The Lapse, pt1

4th session

Benu wakes up in Yu-Shan. He has no recollection of the time between the appearance of the Solar woman in the magitech armor, but his servant informs him that he has been sleeping for almost a full day. He goes to the Bureau of Seasons to speak with Maiku, and after a talk with him and Black Ice Shadow he learns that the Empress had returned. He realised he had lost all memory of the last three days. Maiku gave him a second asignment in Creation, to find and kill a crazy Ronin Sidereal from taking a powerful artifact.
Shal Narri waited for him on his home that evening, and offered to exchange the true identity of Mika, with his promise that he will never disturb his wife ever again. Benu denied, and the infuriated Shal left.
He then met up with Hunai, and told her all about the Deathlord Thousand-Faced Gospel in the Cenotaph. She seemed befuddled at his report about the Nephwrack. She insisted on bringing the ronin back alive, in hopes that he could be healed. Later he met Black Ice Shadow, who gave him a small list of possible contacts in the general area of the Scavenger lands.
Benu attended the Convention of Deathlords the next day, before he left to find the ronin. After an exchange of information, he left to Creation.
The ronin was easily found, since Benu knew where the artifact was. He followed him, and after a brief fight, he managed to capture him. However, the insane Sidereal prefered to take his own life.

Ragnar woke up from a nightmare. It appears he had fallen off a cliff, and that he had yet another memory lapse. He slowly made his way up the cliff and towards the nearest village he could see. The locals informed him that he was in Marukan territory, and that the Empress had returned. Ragnar stayed for a day, by the end of which Freki found him and informed him that they had fought a strange opponent that took them through the realm of Malfeas and back.
The duo made their way to Lookshy, but they were attacked by a strange woman on a flying board. The fight escalated, and she left, after Ragnar’s Totemic had flared.
At the gates of Lookshy he was denied entrance, as the city declares its gates barred for Anathema. He instead went to find Gilber in the Great Forks, but he was not there. He decided to get back to the Encampment, where one of the handful of guards that remained redirected him to his castle, two days North.
There, he left Ganuto in his stead for as long as he is gone.

Gilber woke up with the same memory loss on the opposite side of Yanaze river. There, after finding out about the Empress’ return, he made his way to Sijan in search of Nightwarden. During Calibration the ship was attacked by Demons, that Gilber quickly dispatched. As a reward they let him choose a slave for his own, and he chose a 10 year old girl, intending to free her as soon as they where back to Grat Forks. Together with Irana, the girl, they dined in a tavern in Sijan, where the girl apparently a God Blooded pointed out that an evil man was sitting following them. Gilber spoke to the man who turned out to be Chi the Killer, and found out that he had fought and defeated him again during the time of his memory loss. Chi swore to follow and protect Gilber, until he was strong enough to kill him. The unusual trio traveled towards the Great Forks to visit Gilber’s mother, but during the journey he revealed to the Akuma that he is a Solar. Chi attacked him instantly, and Gilber left him alive in the middle of nowhere, not wanting to kill him after learning about his sad story.
In Great forks he spoke to his mother, and was surprised to find out that Kralos, his half-brother, was now living across the street. Kralos reassured that he would not only leave Gilber’s family out of their “feud”, but that in case of a war with the realm he would take Gilber’s mother, Selena, and Irana, to a safe place with his own family.
An unexpected arrival from Brom, Gilber’s father, revealed that Irana too was one of his children, and that she was lost for five years.


Lord Aini Faithbringer

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