Branches of a copper tree

The Five, Anew

1st session

The two Solars make their way towards Nexus after helping a villgae put out the fires apparently set by the Wyld Hunt, while searching for Ragnar. The villagers help them by smuggling them accross the river, close to Nexus.
Gilber gains entrance to the city fast, but once the guards see Ragnar, fully clad in Orichalcum, they stall him to notify the counsil of entities. He is allowed entrance, but is advised to stay in the Redeemed Harlot tavern.
Meanwhile, Gilber runs after a child that tried to steal his wallet, only to realise that he fell into a trap. A man by the name of Chi, the Killer, hired by Kralos, attacked him, but after a quick and brutal fight fell unconcious. Gilber, seriously wounded, let him there, not wanting to draw attention on himself, and searched for Ragnar, now knowing where to find Kralos.
As soon as Ragnar was in the city, he noticed the mysterious woman that had approached him before. She informed him that a wing of his army was already on the move from Denandsor towards his main camp, where the rest of the army was setting up base. She also let imply that she was hunted by Realm agents, and left him as soon as Gilber approached. The two of them made their way towards the inn.

In another part of town, Radamant visited his good friend Mirus, before going to meet Black Hawk, the two of them went to meet the boy, where Radamant decided to have some fun at the kid’s expense. The three of them went out for a fun night in the never-sleeping metropolis before the two Lunars left.
In the meantime, Benu had asumed the guise of a waiter in the tavern Mirus was scheduled to die in. There, a man came, looking for Mirus, possibly with the intention of killing him.
The two Lunars and the Dragonblooded went out drinking in the Green Wagon Inn after a fancy dinner (during which Radamant was blackmailed by his friend into adopting the same female form he had used to play a prank on Black Hawk), but ended up in a fight with the man who Mirus now appears to owe money to. Benu took advantage of the situation and stabbed the innebriated Mirus, but Radamant managed to snatch him and leave.
For a brief moment, as Radamant and Benu met outside the tavern, the sky was alit with purple fire and the symbols of the Five Maidens aligned, much like when Gilber met Ragnar for the first time.
Benu, after his failure, left the tavern asap, only to be stopped by Wayang. Wayang informed him that his mission was not a total failure, and gave him new orders to keep his eyes on the Lunars as well as two Solars (Gilber and Ragnar) that were staying in the area.
Without him knowing, Radamant had followed the Sidereal, and encountered him on a terrace. Benu told him he would meet him two days hence, and dissappeared, leaving a much befuddled Lunar behind him.


Lord Aini Faithbringer

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