Branches of a copper tree

Paths Unweaving

2nd Session

Ragnar and Gilber make their way to the Lookshy Embasy in Nexus, where they report the excistance of Wyld Hunt cells in the nearby region.
Afterwards, they visit the tavern known as Den of Mutiny, where the worst scumbags of the city make their deals. Also, where the mysterious Kralos could be found. Meanwhile, Benu followed them there, eavesdropping as the two met with Kralos, who, as it turns out, is Gilber’s half-brother.
Kralos declares his intention to kill his half brother, so the Bronze faction will let him elevate to Godhood, but since he cannot harm his Solar sibling himself, he lets them go.

Radamant and his new protegee, Black Hawk, make sure Mirus is ok before going back to Jaffai, to start the Changing Moon’s training. There he is visited by Nightwarden, the Solar who saved his life back in Thorns, now calling for a favour. The three move to a nearby shadowland to speak with a Deathknight, who apparently has a deal with Nightwarden. She, Dreadful Screams of Pyreflame, gives then an invitation from her master, and disappears.
Back at the village, Elaya arrives to inform them that an army of the Dead is on the move through the underworld.
Benu and Radamant talk, and they decide to get all the help they can get. Benu contacts Gilber, telling him mortal lives are at stakes and he should go to help.

Ragnar goes to check out the so called Encampment of his army, and meets with Ganuto and Renat, his right-hand man and the spymistress of his army, as well as 500 men, ready for his commands. They tell him what had happened before he lost his memory, but it is still a mystery why he lost it. He gives them marching orders towards Jaffai.

Radamant tries to ensure Gilber’s help in the defence of Jaffai, when Elaya visits to tell him that the army changed its course, and instead only a small detachment is still moving to Jaffai, the rest moving across the river.
While they talk, she sees Gilber and starts yelling. He catches a glimpse and recognises her, his Lunar Mate, from a past life, as she goes.
Radamant thinks that the Solar wants to steal her from him, and only by the interference of the freshly arived Tyr Silverhand, does he not attack him. Instead, the two duel, stopping when they realise that none can defeat the other without causing serious damage to the village.

Benu notifies Ragnar about the change in the army of the dead’s orders, so he decided to hold his ground and wait them there. Sure enough, at nightfall, an armada appears from the mists of the river, and Shrill Cry for Blood lands on the beach, calling Ragnar to a duel. The two fight, and after a long battle, the Dusk caste retreats, taking his army with him.


Lord Aini Faithbringer

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