Branches of a copper tree

Light and Shadow

3d Session

Radamant defends the village with the help of Gilber, Benu, Black Hawk and Tyr against the small force of ghosts that attacked it. They manage to defeat the threat without any loss, and decide to keep vigil for the rest of the night, although nothing happens.
The next morning Ragnar arrives in the small village of Jaffai with his army, and they set camp. Later, they all gather up, save Tyr who left first thing in the morning, to discuss.
Ragnar noticed the same event that had happened before, the symbols of all five Maidens in the sky, aligning then glowing purple before vanishing. He pointed that to the others, before continuing with their discussion.

Radamant seems bent on meeting with the mysterious Deathlord called Thousand-Faced Gospel in the Cenotaph, and Benu, Black Hawk and Freki wants to join him. Hesitatingly, Gilber and Ragnar decide to follow them, realising the grave danger they would all be in.
Two Ghosts, Hecli and the one known as Majordomo, the Deathlord’s entourage, lead them to the shadowland where he would be waiting for them. The group carefuly go in, expecting a trap. Instead, they meet with the Deathlord and have a nice meal and a very civilised talk, at least before 3 of Gospel’s deathknights attack them, surrounding them in the building. After a short but brutal fight the Abyssals flee into the underworld, taking the Mask, gauntlets, boots and Book the Deathlord was carrying, but leaving the body behind. (The “deathlord” was actually a proxy). As Ragnar burned the poor proxy’s remains, hungry ghosts came out of every bone of the man’s body, and the group fled.

Outside, a female figure clad in Orichalcum and followed by a group of Ashigaru armors attacked the ghosts, leaving our heroes dumbfounded.


Lord Aini Faithbringer

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