Branches of a Copper Tree
Roots of an Ivory Lotus

The very ground shakes, if only for a moment. A crack of thunder echoes overhead, and soon myriads more follow. Clouds disperse, only, instead of the dark night sky and the constelations above, there is only an image of a woman in red and jade.
“My children, my subjects, people of creation: Fall Silent!
Hear me, your Scarlet Empress, Champion of Creation, Eternal Ruler of the Blessed Isle!
For years, I turned my face from this world to commune with the Dragon of my aspect and his four equal peers!
And now, with my return from meditative isolation, this lawless tumult ends!
Today, I set right the crumbling hierarchy of my goverment, my Legions and the Great Houses!
And woe be unto whosoever defies me in this righteous cause!”

This game is based on White Wolf’s Exalted 2nd Edition, set immediatly after the Return of the Scarlet Empress.
No intension to violate any copyrighted material. All copyrights belong to their respective owners/creators.

PS: Many thanks to Heliocide for being so awesome and making a great collection of pictures that I abuse for my games.
Also, many thanks to the artists that made said pictures.

Branches of a copper tree

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